What Cases Fall Under Personal Injury Law?

There are various types of accident claims you could make under personal injury law. For instance, claims for an accident at work, road traffic accident or accident in a public place. Additionally, fatal accident claims could be made on behalf of someone if the incident has led to someone’s death. Each area of law is regulated by different legislation, yet the three principles of negligence still apply. For instance:

Below we have provided examples of how someone who owed you a duty of care may have been liable through a failure to comply with the above legislation. Updated 25/02/2022 by James Vincent: A personal injury claim in the UK is a legal case you can open if you have been injured or hurt and in a accident was not your fault. As a example a company or someone else who was negligent could of caused the accident and you could attempt to bring a claim in order to claim compensation. When claiming compensation in the UK a popular way of doing this is on a No Win No Fee basis or on a conditional fee agreement. Examples of personal injury claims can be accidents at work, public liability claims or a road traffic accident. If you have had a accident there is many companies and organisations you can get free information and advice on how a personal injury claim work and if you