Industrial Diseases

When working with harmful substances or dangerous equipment, an employer must implement preventative measures to prevent employees from developing occupational diseases. For instance, carpal tunnel syndrome, occupational dermatitis, noise induced hearing loss or asthma.

There are many ways an employer could be at fault for contributing to the development of these illnesses. For instance:

  • If they failed to give you enough rest breaks between using tools and carrying out repetitive tasks, this could lead to the development of carpal tunnel syndrome or hand arm vibration syndrome.
  • If an employer failed to provide you with protective gloves or barrier cream to prevent irritation from harmful substances, they may be liable for causing occupational dermatitis.
  • If an employer failed to provide you with protective masks when working close to wood dust or solder fumes, you may be able to claim negligence for occupational asthma.
  • A failure to provide hearing protection in a noisy working environment could lead to the development of industrial deafness and tinnitus.

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