How To Claim Compensation For A Pedestrian Crossing Accident

Have you been involved in a pedestrian crossing accident that another road user was responsible for? Were you injured as a direct result of this accident? If so, you may be eligible to make a personal injury claim

Pedestrian crossing accident guide

Pedestrian crossing accident claims guide

You might have questions such as, “how much could my pedestrian accident claim be worth?”, “how could a pedestrian accident happen?” and “could a No Win No Fee solicitor help me in my claim?”. We will look to answer those questions in this guide. 

We will also look at the role of the Highway Code and the Road Traffic Act 1988 in ensuring that road users are safe. There have been changes to the Highway Code recently; we’ll address these too.

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  5. When Could I Appoint A No Win No Fee Solicitor?
  6. More Information On Making A Pedestrian Crossing Accident Claim

Guidance On How To Make A Pedestrian Accident Claim

Road users have a duty of care for one another, including pedestrians. This is outlined in the Road Traffic Act 1988. The Highway Code is a set of guidelines and rules, some of which are backed up by law, and road users can refer to it for more information on proper road conduct. 

Under Rule 204 of the Highway Code, pedestrians are placed under the vulnerable category of road users. This places pedestrians at the top of the hierarchy of road users, which was introduced when the Highway Code was updated in 2022. 

This hierarchy of road users does not mean that more vulnerable road users are exempt from the duty of care they owe. The Highway Code emphasises the importance of all road users to act considerately and responsibly.

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Calculating Compensation For A Pedestrian Crossing Accident Claim

If you win your case and receive a compensation payout, it may consist of two types of damages. These are general damages and special damages and compensate you for different types of harm or loss experienced as a result of your accident. 

General damages cover any pain and suffering that you undergo due to the accident. For instance, you may be compensated for quadriplegia through general damages. This could include the pain caused by the fracture but also any impact on your quality of life.

We have collated a table below including compensation amounts that could be relevant to pedestrian crossing accidents. This could help you gauge how much you could be owed. These figures have been taken from the Judicial College Guidelines (JCG), a document used by legal professionals to assist them when valuing claims. 

Body PartCompensation BracketDetails
Back- Severe (i)£91,090 to £160,980Serious pain and disability combined with other factors such as significantly affected bladder and bowel function.
Back- Severe (ii)£74,160 to £88,430An injury that includes nerve root damage leading to loss of sensation, some movement, sexual difficulties, scarring and bladder and bowel trouble.
Neck- Severe (i) In the region of £148,330Neck injuries involving incomplete paraplegia or loss of the use of the whole body. There will also be little to no function in the neck and intractable headaches.
Leg- Very Serious £54,830 to £87,890Permanent mobility issues that require the use of crutches or other forms of mobility aid for life.
Hand- Serious £29,000 to £61,910An injury that sees that hand reduced to 50% capacity.
Shoulder- Severe£19,200 to £48,030Significant disability caused due to damages to the brachial plexus.
Wrist£12,590 to £24,500Less severe injuries that result in some permanent disability such as stiffness or persisting pain.
Other Arm Injuries £6,610 to £19,200An uncomplicated fracture to the forearm.
Chest£12,590 to £17,960An injury that permanently damages tissue but has no significant prolonged affect on the lungs.
Foot- ModestUp to £13,740Injuries involving continuing symptoms, for example, a permanent limp, pain, or aching.

Despite these figures being comparable to what you could earn in a personal injury claim payout, they must only be used as guidance. This is because every case is unique, and the compensation you may be awarded could be different. 

Additionally, special damages seek to compensate you for any financial losses incurred because of your injuries. For example, you may have to pay for a carer to come and support you because you are permanently disabled with a back injury

Other examples of special damages include: 

  • Medical expenses 
  • Travel costs
  • Home adaptations

Remember to keep hold of any evidence for special damages, such as receipts, invoices and bank statements. Without these, you might not be fully compensated for the losses you’ve experienced. 

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What Are Pedestrian Accidents?

A pedestrian accident is a type of road traffic accident that involves a vehicle colliding with a person on foot. This could be a vehicle such as a car or taxi, but could also include vehicles such as motorbikes. As previously mentioned, road safety legislation states that road users should behave in a way that avoids themselves and others coming to harm. 

Here are some examples of how a pedestrian crossing accident might occur: 

  • A driver may ignore a zebra crossing as you attempt to cross to the other side of the road. As a result, they hit you, and you suffer from a concussion, which could lead to a zebra crossing accident claim.
  • A driver might be under the influence of drugs or alcohol and mount the curb, causing you to suffer a neck injury and an arm injury.
  • As you cross at a junction, a driver may not be paying adequate attention and turn into the road. Consequently, they collide with you, and you sustain a hand injury.

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What Evidence Could Lead To You Winning A Pedestrian Crossing Accident Claim?

You can take various steps in the aftermath of an accident to maximise the usefulness of your potential claim. The severity of pedestrian crossing accidents can vary. Therefore, the first port of call is always to seek medical attention to ensure you get the appropriate treatment. 

Not only does this provide you with the care that you need, but it is useful in generating medical records that can be used as evidence for your claim

You can also: 

  • Gather contact details of witnesses if they are happy to give a statement in support of your claim
  • Take photographs of the scene and your injuries 
  • Gather any CCTV footage of the incident

Lastly, you should seek legal advice. Our team of advisors could connect you with one of the personal injury solicitors from our panel if you have a valid pedestrian crossing accident claim. 

When Could I Appoint A No Win No Fee Solicitor?

Making a personal injury claim with a No Win No Fee solicitor means that you can experience the benefits of working with a lawyer, but with no solicitor fees unless you are awarded compensation.

This is because they work under a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) which is a popular form of No Win No Fee agreement amongst claimants. 

Under this arrangement, there are no legal fees to be paid to your solicitor upfront or whilst your pedestrian crossing accident claim is ongoing. 

Only if your case is won and you receive compensation will you pay your solicitor a legally capped success fee. If you aren’t awarded compensation, then there will be nothing to pay your lawyer for their services. 

Get Advice On Making A Pedestrian Crossing Accident Claim

A No Win No Fee solicitor could use their legal experience to make sure you cover all bases of your claim. This could mean that you receive a higher settlement than you would have if claiming alone.

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More Information On Making A Pedestrian Crossing Accident Claim

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We hope you have found our guide on pedestrian crossing accidents useful. Please remember to get in touch with any queries or if you would like to start your personal injury claim.

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